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Alumni Feedback

Finding Your Purpose: Leadership, Public Policy, What Matters and Why

What's Next?

What is Next For Rocky Alumni Engagement?

Closing and Feedback Session

May 11, 2019


Low Hanging Fruit

  • Rocky database with students and alums

    • Updated list

      • Specified around policy interests that can lead to something like regional events to facilitate gatherings

    • Making friends of Rocky more accessible to students

  • Alum spotlights

    • Once a year or so

    • Alums doing cool things

    • Rocky rundowns

      • 2-4 minute spotlights from alums

        • Put on youtube/Rocky newsletters

          • Gets Rocky’s name out, Inform students and alums about each other’s careers

  • Sadhana memes with Sadhana quotes

  • Alum mentorship

    • No matter what stage in career

  • Information/Straight up job interviews

    • Rocky connection as additional layer of connections in additional to Dartmouth

    • Live up to networking/branding of the College

  • Rocky Job Board

    • For current students and alums

  • Creation of newsletter

    • Features alum stories

  • Alumni presence/stories on the website

    • Also social media

  • Rocky focused alumni travel

    • PBPL 85 for alums (without grades)  

      • Potential for online work/course

  • Less fundraising and more experienced based inquiries/communication

    • A class representative to sign their name to catch more people’s interest  

  • Reach out to alums about their values/advice

    • Website for quotes on what is important years out from Dartmouth

  • Center students at an event for alums

    • PRS students to tell alums about their experiences




  • More informal gatherings

    • Dinner and Drinks on Rocky in various places on

    • Online format; live event filmed so people can watch

      • Like a webinar

  • Rotating annual conference in different places (Rocky on the Road)

    • NYC, Boston…

    • Regional conferences using alumni offices so low budget

      • Potential to provide food or drinks

  • Adding event to Webster Dinner for younger alums

    • Lower cost


  • Bringing Oprah/Pope/Bono to campus

    • High profile people to Dartmouth

  • More conferences like this one

    • Brochure (digital form perhaps) with content and blurbs about each

  • Residency program

    • An alum or someone popular here for an extended period of time

  • Bring food to all above events

  • POTUS debates

  • More comparative public policy courses for students

    • Potential international experiences

  • Sadhana book club

    • Bimonthly virtual meet ups to stay connected to the Center

    • Via Zoom

  • Sadhana Fireside Chats

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